Will Allen, CRPC®

Will Headshot.png

Experience counts - a lot. Before joining the firm in 2007, Will worked for Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo. He boasts 14 years of financial industry experience, and he's a fully licensed advisor with Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation.

To call Will a committed investment professional is an understatement. He's passionate about the work he does at Sentara. With a focus on portfolio management, Will's approach emphasizes the macro and micro economic factors that drive markets.

Will graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Finance. Through the Foundation for Personal Financial Education (FPFE), where he serves as a chapter director, Will teaches classes on retirement planning and investing. He has led classes for professionals at a variety of organizations, including state government, municipalities, and Fortune 500 companies.

Will answers the question: Why invest?

You work hard for the money you earn. There are a variety of reasons to save money. One of the most important reasons is saving for retirement. The idea is to have your money grow and give you the flexibility to do the things you want to do later in life. That may be traveling, playing golf, spending time with grandkids or anything else that is a goal of yours. Investing your hard-earned money with the goal of earning a return over and beyond inflation can give you the ability to enjoy retirement. Sentara Capital views our role as helping you achieve the financial goals you set and taking on the responsibility of protecting and investing your assets so you can focus on enjoying retirement.


Michael Brooks, AIF®


Michael gives Sentara the creative energy that sets it apart. An advocate for innovation in our industry, Michael's focus is using technology to help clients achieve their goals. 

After years in the financial services and marketing industries, Michael maintains the legacy of trust and security that his father began at Sentara. And he does it with a freshness that's innovative, personalized, and dependable.

Michael Brooks attained the AIF® credential in 2015. Attainment of the AIF credential demonstrates understanding of the Prudent Practices and methodology.

He's also a professional violist. That's right - violist, not violinist. You can catch him playing gigs throughout metro Atlanta.

Michael answers the question: Why invest?

We believe in investing because it ultimately leads to progress and better lives. But investing demands discipline and attention just as any other career. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, construction workers, all consistently hone their craft and use the newest resources available. We feel that Sentara Capital is flexible and relevant to take advantage of financial tools that help our investors succeed. You don't need another salesman in your life, you need solutions.