Our Firm

Sentara Capital offers a fresh approach to investment management that’s innovative, active, and dependable. We love what we do, and it shows in the service we provide. 

A registered independent advisory firm (RIA), we offer expertise designed for the challenges of 21st century markets. With a disciplined, take-charge approach that’s customized to your investment objectives, we put you on a clear path to your goals.

It’s a process – not a product. And it’s one that’s built for today’s market realities.

For well over a decade, we’ve helped investors focus on their goals to secure a comfortable retirement. Ours is a modern service, true, but it’s backed by a legacy of trust and dependability.

That legacy informs every client interaction, portfolio adjustment, and investment decision. It’s how we distinguish ourselves from your typical investment house and deliver a service you can count on.

We feel that Sentara Capital is flexible and relevant to take advantage of financial tools that help our investors succeed. You don’t need another salesman in your life, you need a strategy.
— Michael Brooks Investment Advisor